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Writing a paper journal

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Apr. 5th, 2012 | 11:44 pm
mood: happy happy

Today I purchased a big journal. The goal is to only write positive things inside of it. No bad thoughts or negative ideas whatsoever. :) In my previous diaries and journals, were consisted of venting more than anything. So instead of going back to re-read something to think in a sentimental meaning.. one would recall these emotions and not help you smile. 

This new journal of mine can be shared with dear friends, family to anyone who desires to read it. I will never write anything personal inside of it (no details!) :P haha Only enlightening things, dreams, creative ideas, things to look forward to and others in mind.

In ways, I also plan to have this finished with no rush. When I am old and when I finally pass onto the next- this journal (and possibly others) will be a keepsake and story of my history. People will get to know me, learn about me - and even my future children are welcome to read it when they get to that stage in adulthood. The stage in adulthood were you wish you knew more about your parents.. also this journal can be used to bond with my future children as well. Eventually, I will start placing photos along with the written text as a better visual for the stories inside of the book.

Last to mention: each paragraph must be a different thing. I will not write an entire page-worth on just one topic; unless it truly needs it. (Like for example, the loss of a loved one- writing all of the sweet and wonderful things I did with this person or animal). It would be a memorial of happy memories of sorts. :)

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